Meet Lynne & Ashley

Hello! Lynne and Ashley here, the co-founders of Mere Fille (mère fēe). We founded our design house in 2019 to serve our beloved hometown of Kansas City. Now with clients across the country, Mere Fille has become a go-to, from elevated custom monogramming and embroidery, to all things tabletop. 

Strong believers in the importance of a mother-daughter bond, we named our company Mere Fille, which translates from French to “mother” and “daughter.” As our name signifies, we are passionate about creating special relationships and moments. Through our unique embroidery and home additions, we mark life’s most significant moments. From weddings to births, to new homes, thank you gifts, anniversaries, and beyond, each of our custom designs serves as tokens of remembrance, markers of milestones too precious to forget. 

Our passion for embroidery came as a natural derivative for our shared love for interior design and home entertaining. Just like a house or a party, embroidery requires a high level of customization and artistry, and we believe our expertise in the craft is unparalleled. We offer highly personalized service and make ourselves available to consult you throughout the entire design process so that you are just as pleased with the end piece as we are. We take pride in our family-run operation - we do everything from hand-selecting each product available on our site to curating the right color and font pairing and ultimately to the embroidery work itself. Simply put, we do it all! 

So look around, get inspired, and let us know how we can help create a design that feels uniquely you! 

With love & celebration,

Lynne (Mere) + Ashley (Fille)