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Pickwick Candles


Always a safe go-to hostess gift, complete it by pairing with one of our guest towels.

Made in small batches and always hand-poured, Pickwick & Co. collaborates with some of the most established and reputable perfume houses in the world to create fresh and original fragrances for the home. Known for their clean, honest single note florals as well as complex and layered fragrances.

Orange Vanilla - The perfect blend of mandarin orange notes, rich Tahitian vanilla, subtle florals, and sweet musk.

Wild Peony - Delightfully fresh and true - lush peony notes are underscored with hints of green fields, rose petals and lilacs.

Leather Tobacco & Woods - A dark and earthy masculine blend of Old World charm - smoky leather and fragrant tobacco leaf with mahogany and agarwood.

Sea Salt & Water - Bright and fresh, a heady sea salt fragrance naturally derived from seawater and inspired by pure ocean air and salty waves.

New Baby - Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo in candle form. Powdery top notes, Kaffir lime, jasmine, carnation, rose, honey, cedarwood, and musk.

Portofinopassionfruit + crushed leaves + precious woods A fresh and modern blend of watermelon, mandarin, passionfruit, marigold, crushed leaves, water hyacinth

Beachsea kelp + oakmoss + orangewood White acacia flower, sea kelp, oakmoss and orangewood.

Champagne:  sparkling wine + cassis + white florals A delicate aquatic blend of sparkling wine, grapes, hyacinth, cassis, white florals, sandalwood.

Kona Blue:  orange + grapefruit + peach Fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches, kiwi and mountain greens.

 Aspen:  oakmoss + aspen + myrrh Inspired by the forest. Quaking aspen and warm winter woods blend with earthy oakmoss, rare myrrh and white tangerine.

Fall Foliage:  birch and maple leaves + juniper berry + spice Birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry, orange blossom and pure, natural spice extracts.

Fraser Fir:  fir needle + balsam + cedarwood Natural fir needle, balsam, cedarwood and fresh herbal notes.

Home Sweet Mahomes:  Tobacco leaf, vanilla noir, and caramel.

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